Value-added services

Reduce the time and costs associated with managing multiple suppliers and take advantage of the convenience that comes from working with a single-source provider. With Havener Logistics, you not only can consolidate operations from a channel perspective, but also from a geographic perspective.

Cargo insurance   

Cargo Insurance is a critical part of the International transportation process. Our goal is to identify the hidden risks in transportation, and to structure an insurance program addressing those risks while providing financial security. Havener Logistics goes beyond basic business insurance and treats cargo insurance as part of the complete logistics process

Cargo inspection / survey

Inspecting the general condition of various cargoes prior to and concurrently with the loading / discharging, which includes estimation of overall degree of degrade, preliminary findings reflecting the cargo pre-loading condition and final findings which reflect the cargo loading/discharging condition at the time of the inspection and reporting.

Quantity / Quality Verification of Goods - includes supervision of loading / discharging cargo, determination the cargo quality according to agreed Clients Contract specification and standards.

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